Mary Neyhard, Founder

When I was little I wanted to become an astronaut. Of course children just dream about what looks exciting to them at the time. Going to the moon was a big deal and the teachers talked about it at school. I think I was easily influenced back then.

While I was a student at Penn State, I took a job waitressing so I would have some spending money. I then asked to be the hostess to help overcome my shyness, since the hostess had to greet everyone that walked in the door. It worked. By the time I was 21 yrs old, I was the manager of a 270 seat restaurant in State College, PA called The Train Station. 

My next ventures included working in management at Shawnee Resort in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of PA, and at a Hilton Hotel as the Director of Catering/Conferences. I was fortunate to be exposed to many events from a Hot Air Balloon Festival to many Black Tie events. During this time I won the Hilton National Innovation Award among a few other awards. I kept upwith the trends and training our banquet staff was imperative to having flawless events. I loved my customers and became friends with many of them. I felt honored to be chosen to produce many bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, anniversary celebrations, fundraising galas, awards banquets, large conferences/conventions, etc. I really enjoyed working with professional meeting planners, since they were both organized and focused. I soon found myself working for Lockheed Martin in King of Prussia, PA planning all of the corporate events for M&DS, IS&S and IS&GS. Having autonomy to determine themes, employee engagement activities, speakers, giveaways, catering, collateral was exciting. I loved it when an executive would tell me that next to his wedding, this was the best event he ever attended. I would often hear how the employee thought that they were going to attend “another boring dinner with a speaker” and they couldn’t believe how much fun they had when they attended the dinner; it was so interactive that they stayed until the very end. I was honored when I was asked to move to Fairfax, VA for a wonderful opportunity to work with an executive who was promoted to CEO of a great company. After moving to the DC Metro area I gained additional experience working with many of the great museums and unique venues along with some amazing hotels.

I moved to Maryland a few years ago and now easily commute between VA, DC, MD, WV, PA and have experience with venues all across the country. Cuz Events, LLC was formed to create engaging meetings and events on behalf of our customers who want to impress their boss, peers, board members and the public.

We understand the pressures, commitment, time and resources it takes to coordinate these events.

We understand that you have many choices in this area to choose from fabulous planners. Our difference is that we understand the operational side of the business along with the planning side.

We know what is possible and what isn’t.

Our job is to guide our clients to the best possible outcome.

Why Cuz Events? Cuz your meetings and events matter!

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